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Canada has the second largest territory in the world, bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the west by the Pacific Ocean, and on the south by the United States of America.

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Canada is the second largest country in the world with a population of 35 million people and is considered by Time Magazine as one of the best places in the world to live. Canada receives refugees, family members, students, skilled workers and investors for new business.

At the political level, it is a federation composed of ten (10) provinces and three territories, organized under a parliamentary system, currently governed by Justin Trudeau, but has Queen Elizabeth II as its Monarch.

In its 150th anniversary, Canada celebrates its multicultural society and welcomes immigrants from around the world.

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Terry Ferreira

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
Born to parents who were undocumented immigrants in Canada, Terrey Ferreira lived their struggle without adequate documentation or stability. For years, Terry Ferreira has witnessed the pressure to legalize his parents in Canada. After graduating with a BA in Political Science (with honors), he felt he could help other people in their dreams of building a better life in Canada. Currently, duly registered as a Canadian Immigration Consultant, Terry Ferreira is qualified to use his knowledge, experience, and understanding to assist anyone hoping to build their future in Canada.

Terry Ferreira, B.A. (Spec Hons), RCIC

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